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Underwater Fishing

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Click Here to go to Underwater Fishing

Neopets Underwater Fishing is another daily place to get free prizes. Basically once a day, you cast in your line and then reel it in to potentially get a prize. As you catch a prize, most of the time your fishing level will increase. The time you need to wait between relling your line also gets lower as your level increases. Currently the highest level is 442.

Location: The ruins of Maraqua

Tip: Don't be impatient and reel in your line too early, otherwise you will not get anything and you will have to wait till the next day again for a chance to get something.

Tip 2: Your fishing skill can also be raised by reading the book Fishing Made Easy. This increases the fishing skill by 1-3. The book is a prize you get while fishing and it is currently believed a minimum fishing skill 20 is needed to be caught.

Prizes: The prizes at the lower levels are not very interesting. But as your level increases the prizes become more valuable.

Level 1 and Higher

Water Fish
Lesser Spotted Fish
Broken Bag of Neopoints
Broken Fishing Pole
Rotten Driftwood
Bucket of Sludge
Giant Brown Kelp
Giant Green Kelp
Giant Red Kelp
Mossy Rock
Old Rotten Left Sandal
Old Rotten Right Sandal
Old Rotten Left Boot
Old Rotten Right Boot
Rusty Old Can
Old Rotten Left Shoe
Old Rotten Right Shoe

Level 5 and Higher

Petrified Bone
Cheery Plant
Grey Sea Fern
Spongy Algae
Butter Fish

Level 20 and Higher

Small Giant Squid
Dull Grey Pearl
Cinder Block Sea Fungus
Cubical Sea Fungus
Broken Toy Sailboat
Fishing Made Easy

Level 30 and Higher

On Gelert Pond

Level 40 and Higher

Large Giant Squid
Waterlogged Book
The Old Mynci and the Sea
Shimmery Seaglass
Prismatic Sea Fern

Level 50 and Higher

Giant Squid
Enormous Fake Diamond
17 Pound Trout
Void Plant
Fish Scaled Breastplate

Level 60 and Higher

Pike Pike
Shiny Shoal Shell Shield

Level 70 and Higher

Irritable Genie-In-A-Bottle
Giant Bath Plug
Darigan Seaweed

Level 80 and Higher

Titanic Giant Squid
Inferno Mollusk
Radar Fish
Tyrannian Mechafish
Mysterious Swirly Potion
Magic Crystalline Kelp
Moldy Petpet Bed

Level 87 and Higher

Flash of Rainbow Fountain Water

Level 90 and Higher

Starry Sea Fern
Diseased Mechafish

Level 100 and Higher

Spooky Mechafish
Plushie Clam
Glistening Mechafish
Plushie Fungus
Frozen Mechafish
Spectral Shrimp
Smooth Black Sphere
Pant Devil Attractor
Golden Mechafish
Gravitic Urn

Level 110 and Higher

Molten Borovan Rod

Level 120 and Higher

Obelisk of Doom

Level 139 and Higher

Hovering Four-Dimensional Pyramid

Level 167 and Higher

Golden Meepit Statue

Level 179 and Higher

Glowing Wooden Mask

Level 189 and Higher

Shiny Sloth Head

Other Items

Strange Glowing Disc
The Two Ring